When the packing up is almost done and you are ready to head to your new house, there are some things that a moving company cannot bring onboard their vehicles. The non-allowables, such as liquid bleach, car batteries, weed killer, and scuba tanks can all put endanger the safety of the rest of your items, as well as that of your family and your movers themselves.

But, this is not the sole category of items that you might want to move yourself. Some possessions, whether because of their relatively high sentimental or monetary value, will be best personally handled with extra care on your own when your moving day comes. Professional moving companies will be happy to transport these items safely but it is much better for your peace of mind to do the task yourself.

Items of High Value

From art to jewelry, cash, to stock certificates, some items have high monetary value. You know the items you need to secure in your safe or other hiding spots, and most of the time, these things don’t really occupy a lot of room. This makes it easier to transport them on your move, provided that you follow several important steps to guarantee their safety. Although all situations are unique and different, here are some suggestions which can help you get the peace of mind knowing that your most expenses possessions remain safe and secure during the trip:

  • Obscure the items inside the boxes where you pack them to avoid letting the whole world know what is inside. It is specifically a must on longer moves since you will likely have several stops throughout the trip.
  • Pack your items inside secure containers with extra care on fragile stuff such as artworks and jewelry pieces.
  • Avoid putting labels on your boxes with too specific words.
  • If driving, keep your things as secure as possible by putting them in the back of your trunk right behind other items and boxes.
  • Bring your high value stuff inside if you will spend your night on the road or try to keep these inside your carryon luggage if you will be flying.

Family Heirlooms

Heirlooms in the family may or not be expensive, but they are completely of different value, which is sentimental and unique and specific to the family. It doesn’t matter if it is photo album filled with memories, a set of bone china passed in the family for several generations, or something more unique, all of these are important in their own way. Since these are usually fragile, easy to damage, or small, you will feel more secure if you transport them yourself.

Although expert moving companies are confident in their ability of ensuring a safe trip for these possessions, being in full control of such precious items is even more comforting in this time of significant change in your life. Plan in advance and secure your precious belongings on your moving day.


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